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While putting Yokaiden 1 together, I was asked by my editor Dallas if I’d like to include character designs and other concept sketches in the back. I declined, because that would mean having less room for actual content. Now that both books are out, I’m posting these never before seen character sketches I’m required to show before I begin drawing any comic pages.

Lots of artwork and commentary within. There are also BIG SPOILERS so do not read if you haven’t read the books!


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If you have yet to convince someone that Yokaiden is totally worth getting or if you prefer to flip through a comic before buying it, now there’s an online preview at Yokaiden.com.

I’ve been helping a friend support Obligatory Ice Level Day by following her lead and drawing fanart of wintery game stages, wallpaper sized! Here’s some fanart I did of Ice Man from Mega Man and the Snowfield level from Contra.

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Yokaiden 2 spotlighted at Ain’t It Cool News Anime! I wanted to make special mention of this because Scott Green’s manga reviews are unlike any other’s. He does a nice and thorough analytical look — an almost academic approach. See his Yokaiden 1 review too, if you haven’t yet.

This holiday, let’s buy less crud and give to charity. The Speed Gamers Pokemon Marathon for Charity is coming up in 10 days. Take a look at Obligatory Ice Level Day, a winter holiday for gamers created and run by one of my longtime friends. I can’t mention charity and gaming without bringing up Child’s Play, something the gaming community should be very familiar with by now.

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Pacing a story for an OEL manga is something I’ve wanted to talk about but never got a chance to — it’s never come up in interviews — but it’s something I’ve been struggling with and have many thoughts on.

lots of rambling with mild Yokaiden spoilers

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Yokaiden 2 out


It has three reviews so far and they’re all positive!

The first review is by Brigid Alverson at MangaBlog. Spoiler haters beware — it gives away much of the plot from beginning to end.

The second review is by Michael C. Lorah at Newsarama, who’s never read the first volume.

The third review is by Leroy Douresseaux at Comic Book Bin. It’s the first rated review; the book received an A-. (He gave Yokaiden 1 a B+ last year.)

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Yokaiden 2 out soon; new art

Yokaiden 2 is out in stores this Tuesday!

Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting around regarding the Last Airbender Prequel stuff. I just did this Final Fantasy VI and Katamari Damacy mashup:

Speaking of mashups, I’ve been greatly enjoying DJ Hero. I like to conquer all sorts of rhythm games, but I’ve never tackled a DJ game asides from trying Beatmania once. It’s a bit more complicated and involved than guitar and drum games, and I like that. And of course, it has a great list of songs.

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Yokaiden 2 get

Got my copies of Yokiaden 2 in today.

photos here

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