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* Brand new section: PRESS!
* Updated the look of my online artist’s resume to match my actual resume. Put up printable PDF version.
* Changed the design of the gallery index.

Who knows if I’ll get any coverage that isn’t about Simpsonzu (maybe I will if I end up getting my own comic series from the aforementioned manga publisher, which is becoming more and more likely), but I figured I had enough material to be able to make this section. Stay tuned for my appearance in ImagineFX, Ricepaper, and a CBC podcast series.

I’ve been notified that the pic has also appeared in a Portugese newspaper. If anyone could get me a scan, that’d be lovely.


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HUGE site update

I haven’t updated the site in nearly a month, so there’s a bunch of new pics!

* Gallery updated with 4 new commissioned, 3 new fan art, 2 new tattoos.
* Resume updated with scans of magazine and newspaper appearances under “awards & recognitions.”
* Some one got one of my tattoo designs inked on him. Check it out at the bottom of this page!

Lazy links to all new pics:


Custom tattoos

Fan art

New donation sketch coming soon after I rest my wrist for the weekend. Though I haven’t done art for myself in a while… so maybe I’ll do that. Work and play are both important to one’s health!

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site update

* Site updated with 4 new original, 2 new commissioned, 5 new fan art.
* Updated the collage on the front page.
* Name change! As much as I liked it, I dropped the name “re-venge” for the website. To make things less confusing, the website will now be known as spacecoyote.com, or space coyote, something like that. It’s essentially nameless now.
* Commissioned section has been organized into different categories.
* I’ve been taking down a lot of art I don’t like (or aren’t as good as the rest) from the site. I felt there was too much art and I’m going to try to put up only my “good” work.

Local news people finally heard about my story, so I’m going to be in the Vancouver Sun. Hooray!

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technical difficulties

The website is down right now, but should be back up pretty soon if the tech guys are correct.

I haven’t been working on the Saturnalia comic, because I’m working on a piece of Saturnalia Flash animation! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly 5 years. I’m going to work on it during my free time, which means I have to use up comicking time. Hope nobody minds. I will try to make the animation look as good as possible to make it worth the wait.

UPDATE: Hooray, the site is back up!

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