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After 8 years on LiveJournal, I made the move to WordPress. People who still want to follow me on LJ can do so by friending spacecoyote_rss.

A couple of new art pieces: first is a series of banner pics done for Court Records. Second is the high res upload of the cover art for Zuko’s Story.

An update from PatchTogether about the coyote toy: after much delay, they should be shipped out in a week or two.


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If you have yet to convince someone that Yokaiden is totally worth getting or if you prefer to flip through a comic before buying it, now there’s an online preview at Yokaiden.com.

I’ve been helping a friend support Obligatory Ice Level Day by following her lead and drawing fanart of wintery game stages, wallpaper sized! Here’s some fanart I did of Ice Man from Mega Man and the Snowfield level from Contra.

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I’m a featured guest at the September 13th Vancouver Comicon! 11 AM to 5 PM at Heritage Hall; admission is no more than 4 bucks. This is my first time ever having a table at a convention. If you’re a local Vancouverite, do drop by.

Updates for today:
* Put up an interview I did for Melonz Magazine in the press section.
* Tweaked the site design a bit; updated the gallery and rewrote my profile.
* Patch Together toy design – 114 votes. Cast your vote!
* AIDS Walk – $325 raised for AIDS research; hasn’t moved since last time. Donate here!

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wish-it-were-spring cleaning

I finally did a major clean-up of my site, and I feel much better. I wanted my site to be a porfolio site rather than an archive of everything and anything I’ve drawn, so in order to best reflect my work and skill level, I took half my pictures off the site. It was tough deciding which pictures to keep and which to toss. I removed many pictures I still personally like, because they weren’t representative of my work anymore.

The changes:
* Changed the front page design to make it less cluttered.
* Wallpapered the site with damask. Because I love damask.
* Gallery pruned and shrunk so that originals, fanart, and commissioned work are all on the same page. Tattoo flash is still on a separate page.
* Comics section redesigned to give my published work priority. Saturnalia is so old now that I’ve tucked it in the bottom.
* “Buy” page redone with info on purchasing Yokaiden. Still under construction.
* Got rid of the links section.

Looking at the site made me realize I need to do more original standalone illustrations.

Hey, someone made a Wikipedia article on Yokaiden! I think it’s very well-written so far. Speaking of the book, it recently received a couple of very flattering reviews at Book Fetish and Animanga Nation, so those have been added to the Yokaiden page.

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Man, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately. Stay tuned for articles on me at About.com’s Manga Guide, Melonz Magazine, and The Escapist.

Just wrapped up some final things that needed to be done for Yokaiden volume 2. Still doing some character design work for an animation studio, and waiting on some certain news.

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Yokaiden.com is now up

Not much there for now; mostly review excerpts.

Here are a couple of more reviews: One at Mania.com, and another at Advanced Media Network Anime, where the reviewer says it “may be the best OEL manga I’ve read thus far”.

Maiji made a Yokaiden tag at Tegaki E (and drew a lovely picture of Hamachi), to let you tegakiers know.

The Nikkei Voice article on me is up at the press section.

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* New in the press section is an article about me found in the latest issue of Comics Foundry. There’s the usual summary on my overnight success, plus a little about Yokaiden. Note: when I did the phone interview for this article, I was running on only 3 hours of sleep and was a bit out of it…

The comics section on my site now has a list of all the work I’ve done for Bongo. I’ve also updated my resume accordingly. I will be giving the gallery section a well-needed overhaul soon.

An update on the Hot Topic art theft issue — their legal department contacted me to apologize for the stolen artwork and have told me the product has been discontinued. The Kaizoku piece won’t be used on anything else. No monetary compensation, but ah well. At least the matter was resolved without a fuss.

I’m wrapping up book two of Yokaiden this month. The release of book one is less than a month away. Have you pre-ordered?

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