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* My interview with Ricepaper is up on the press page. This article has less to do with my 15 seconds of fame, and more to do with my comics. I also believe it’s the first time my non-Simpsons/Futurama art has been published.

I’m going to put the raffle sketches on hiatus, but the tip jar will remain open, because I still need any help I can get. I should change the shoddy drawing on that page…

Much thanks to Nils P. J. Erin C., Dee H., A. K. Simpson, Robert S., and Caroline B. for donating for the months of April and May. The winner of the April Fools comic page is Erin C.! Congrats!


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some updates

* Updated press section with Imagine FX article.
* Gallery updated with 1 new original, 4 new commissioned, 2 new fanart.

quick links to all new pieces

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* Brand new section: PRESS!
* Updated the look of my online artist’s resume to match my actual resume. Put up printable PDF version.
* Changed the design of the gallery index.

Who knows if I’ll get any coverage that isn’t about Simpsonzu (maybe I will if I end up getting my own comic series from the aforementioned manga publisher, which is becoming more and more likely), but I figured I had enough material to be able to make this section. Stay tuned for my appearance in ImagineFX, Ricepaper, and a CBC podcast series.

I’ve been notified that the pic has also appeared in a Portugese newspaper. If anyone could get me a scan, that’d be lovely.

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Bizarro Ricepaper

Someone informed me that my Bizarro Phoenix Wright comic is up for voting at Joystiq for best game-related comic of the week. I’m not sure if this means anything, but…cool!

I’ve finished the Simpsons comic. Now I’m just waiting for them to be approved so I can mail them over, and I can finally get back to steady progress on commissions again. I am getting a bit burnt out though. Maybe I need to do something for myself…

By the way, I’m not sure when the comic is coming out… Might be this summer. All I’m doing is the pencils. Someone else is inking and toning it.

Another magazine wants to interview me for an article. This time, it’s for Ricepaper, an Asian-Canadian arts and culture magazine. From the sounds of it, I’m going to get to talk about stuff other than just the picture I did, and I’m glad! AZN POWAH AM I RITE? :V I’ve actually never read this magazine, but they sure have good layout artists.

UPDATE: Pages have been approved and will be mailed out ASAP. The comic itself is coming out mid-June.

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TV appearances

Only one week left until March, and there’s quite a few things I need to finish. This month is too short!

Turns out I’ll be on CTV’s News at Six this Friday, Shaw TV’s The Express on Monday, and I’ll be interviewed for the CBC podcast next week. For the podcast, they’re not going to show my face at my request. Score one for coyote!

The comic is turning out well. The only difficulty is working at twice the scale I’m used to.

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hitting local media again

*Commissions are closed again.

Not because I’m getting swamped by them, but because I really need to focus most of my time on the Simpsons comic this month, and doing that plus commissions, plus working on a comic series pitch, plus making media appearances is making me a busy space coyote.

Yes, media appearances. I’m going to be on TV… Thanks to the Vancouver Sun article, all these local news people are interested in my “success story.” The local CTV came by today to interview me and film shots of me working and such. It’s going to be on the News at Six, possibly next Wednesday, on a segment that’s about locals doing interesting things. It might even be broadcast nation wide. Next week, Shaw TV and CBC want to interview me too.

I don’t even like seeing photos of myself, so I’m not sure I’ll watch these! I’m scared and frightened. You know, people didn’t even know my real name or gender before all this madness…

(The cameraman wanted a shot of me looking through my manga collection, so I specifically pulled out Houshin Engi and Eyeshield 21 to pimp those series :V)

ETA: Someone informed me that I’m in the February issue of Imagine FX. Just ordered a copy for myself because I don’t think they’re going to send me one. Shojo Beat also said they’e going to write a small article about Simpsonzu, but no idea when that’s coming out.

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I finally hit local media

A scan of the Vancouver Sun article:


This article has more detail than most, because I was able to talk about the situation I was in BEFORE all this happened, which makes the the whole story more interesting. And there’s a picture of me!

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