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San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was my very first Comic-Con. I had always wanted to go — especially since I used to attend Anime Expo every year with friends — but my usual congoing group didn’t feel the same way. Since I’ve stopped going to Expo, I decided to make it my goal to attend in 2010…that is, until Murder He Wrote got nominated for an Eisner. No part of me thought we would win (I compared our chances of winning to the chances of a wacky slapstick comedy winning Best Picture at the Oscars when up against epic profound war movies and arthouse films); however, I didn’t want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the ceremony and hear my name announced as one of the nominees. And so I opted to go this year instead, prepared for my first major award loss.

Little did I realize then how incredible the trip would be!

click for my full San Diego Comic-Con 2009 report


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“At the San Diego Comic-Con, Del Rey Manga announced that it will publish both a manga prequel and a manga adaptation of M. Night Shyamalan’s live-action feature film The Last Airbender, which is slated to debut on July 4th, 2010. Dave Roman (associate editor of Nickelodeon Magazine) is writing both the prequel and the adaptation. Joon Choi is illustrating the adaptation in full manga style, while Nina Matsumoto, who just won an Eisner for her work with Bongo comics and is the creator of Yokaiden, will illustrate the prequel, which is due out from Del Rey about three months prior to the movie’s debut.” –ICv2

That’s what I’ll be busy working on for the next few months! Alison Wilgus is co-writing both comics with Dave Roman. I met both of them at Comic-Con, and we’re all going to try our best to make this into something the fans of the TV show will be happy with since we are fans ourselves.

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Bad news: Due to new ownership, I have to move out of here sometime within the next two months.
Good news: Today, I received the contract from Del Rey, so I can officially be signed on to the book deal for Yokaiden! I spent all of May working on the script. Right now, I’m re-writing parts of it.
Also good news: I found a five dollar bill in my pocket!

Saturnalia reader Toast did a Feight cosplay at Anime North this weekend. Thank you, Toast, for being both a dedicated fan and a delicious food item!
Feight has been cosplayed before at Ushi-Con, by someone whose name I forget. I can’t remember if I’ve posted this picture before or not, so I’m doing it again!

Anybody else want to cosplay a character from a dead webcomic? Which reminds me, Anime Expo is coming up awfully fast.

I was considering spilling a whole bunch of SATURNALIA SECRETS, but I think I should hold on to them, just in case I ever decide to restart it for publishing purposes. Hey, it could happen!

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and that manga company is…

Commissions are closed again, and will be for a long time, as I’m going to be busy with other things for the next while.

A note to people waiting for commissions from me: I’m giving my wrist a vacation this week, so I apologize for the wait. Also, I’ve been feeling mildly sick for some reason…

The company that will publish my comic is Del Rey Manga, a division of Random House. They translate several popular titles such as Air Gear, School Rumble and Tsubasa, so they’re VERY widely distributed. But don’t hold your breath; it’ll be at least a year and a half until the first book’s release. Maybe even two years.

To answer a question from my last post: it’s going to be a horror/fantasy/comedy. The bad: it takes place in ye olde samurai era Japan, which is a setting I don’t like and normally avoid. The good: it’s not about samurai. It’s about youkai. Not only kappa and tengu and kitsune and such, but several other classic youkai that are relatively unknown over here. And it’s going to be filled with anachronisms, because I love anachronisms.

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donation thanks

Thanks to Tatiana D, Rachael I, Skye K, Michael J, Caroline B, Rebecca W, James W, Keshia D, Erin C for the February donations. The winner is Rachael I. Congrats! And if Skye K could e-mail me with his address, that would be great.

I’m feeling a bit burnt out, so no new donation sketch drawn up yet.

Latest piece of news is that I’ve just finished and submitted a manga series pitch to the aforementioned manga publisher. That took up a good amount of time. Still not sure what’s going to become of Saturnalia. There are so many offers up in the air right now that my future is hard for me to predict. I may get another penciling job from Bongo, but in the proper Groening style this time.

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