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Boy I’ve been neglecting this journal in favour of Twitter. Here’s some notable news:

* I’ve signed on to be an official guest at this convention in my hometown:

Anime Evolution
Vancouver, BC August 13-15

* If you live in Vancouver like me, check out the Chapters at Metrotown — I signed their copies of Yokaiden 2 there! (photo)

* Yokaiden 1 was recently picked by YASLA as one of the 2010 Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

* I’m just a couple of days away from finishing work on The Last Airbender Movie Prequel: Zuko’s Story, which can be preordered online.


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I’m a featured guest at the September 13th Vancouver Comicon! 11 AM to 5 PM at Heritage Hall; admission is no more than 4 bucks. This is my first time ever having a table at a convention. If you’re a local Vancouverite, do drop by.

Updates for today:
* Put up an interview I did for Melonz Magazine in the press section.
* Tweaked the site design a bit; updated the gallery and rewrote my profile.
* Patch Together toy design – 114 votes. Cast your vote!
* AIDS Walk – $325 raised for AIDS research; hasn’t moved since last time. Donate here!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was my very first Comic-Con. I had always wanted to go — especially since I used to attend Anime Expo every year with friends — but my usual congoing group didn’t feel the same way. Since I’ve stopped going to Expo, I decided to make it my goal to attend in 2010…that is, until Murder He Wrote got nominated for an Eisner. No part of me thought we would win (I compared our chances of winning to the chances of a wacky slapstick comedy winning Best Picture at the Oscars when up against epic profound war movies and arthouse films); however, I didn’t want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the ceremony and hear my name announced as one of the nominees. And so I opted to go this year instead, prepared for my first major award loss.

Little did I realize then how incredible the trip would be!

click for my full San Diego Comic-Con 2009 report

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* I won an Eisner Award for best short story
* I met Matt Groening, Morgan Spurlock, Jeff Smith, Terry Moore, Phil Lamarr, Stan Sakai and Paul Dini
* It has been announced so I can finally say: my next comic project for Del Rey (just art, not the writing) is a manga prequel for the Avatar: The Last Airbender live action film

Full con report when I go home…? For now, San Diego Zoo.

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pre-con talk

Comic-Con is in less than a week! If you’re going, don’t forget to drop by the Random House/Del Rey Manga booth on Saturday from 3 to 3:30, where I’ll be doing a book signing (Deb Aoki gave me a nice big mention on her about.com article).

Don’t have anything I can sign? Don’t worry, because everyone who comes gets a free copy of Yokaiden 1! Who doesn’t like free con giveaways?

Here’s hoping my next big project will be announced at the convention (during the Del Rey panel perhaps). In the meantime I’m getting prepared for that, and I made some portfolios I can hand out at there just in case.

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I will be signing books at San Diego Comic-Con!

July 25 (Saturday) 3-3:30 pm @ RandomHouse Booth #1128

I only have one book out but I guess I’ll sign anything else people want me to. I’ve never done this before so this should be fun!

At the table will be the Yokaiden sculpt my friend Emily finished. Check it out:

More pictures at her blog here

Is it not great?

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I’m attending San Diego Comic-Con! I didn’t think I would go this year (was counting on next summer) but after my Eisner Award nomination, I couldn’t resist. Not sure if I’m going to be able to attend the actual award ceremony for it, but still, this is my ideal year to go.

Also attending SDCC is my friend Emily Coleman, a great sculptor. Out of the blue, she began working on a sculpture based on my picture of Hamachi sitting on a skull.

See her blog entry about it here

It will be done before SDCC and I’m looking forward to the end product!

Things have been quiet on my side. I’ve been doing some work here and there — some character designs and a book cover — but nothing I can make public yet. I attended Anime North last month and Anime Evolution this month; hard to believe I’ll be attending yet another convention. I’m thinking I might actually get a table in the Artist’s Alley at AE next year.

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