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Pacing a story for an OEL manga is something I’ve wanted to talk about but never got a chance to — it’s never come up in interviews — but it’s something I’ve been struggling with and have many thoughts on.

lots of rambling with mild Yokaiden spoilers


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Fujiko F. Fujio is one of my favourite manga artists. Along with Fujiko Fujio (A) they did Doraemon, Pa-man, Esper Mami and other classic children’s manga. His favourite genre to do was SF, but to him, SF didn’t stand for “science fiction” but “sukoshi fushigi“, meaning “slightly strange/mysterious”. I grew up reading mainly Doraemon — my works have been hugely influenced by his (though it might not be easily evident).

He’s done some grimmer, bit more disturbing works, and his 34-page short story “Minotaurus’s Plate” (published October 10, 1969) is one of them. In February of last year, I scanlated it to show my friends. Today I’ve decided to upload it here to show people what a great writer and artist he is. Enjoy!

Read from right to left.

Minotaurus’s Plate – not quite Doraemon

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San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was my very first Comic-Con. I had always wanted to go — especially since I used to attend Anime Expo every year with friends — but my usual congoing group didn’t feel the same way. Since I’ve stopped going to Expo, I decided to make it my goal to attend in 2010…that is, until Murder He Wrote got nominated for an Eisner. No part of me thought we would win (I compared our chances of winning to the chances of a wacky slapstick comedy winning Best Picture at the Oscars when up against epic profound war movies and arthouse films); however, I didn’t want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the ceremony and hear my name announced as one of the nominees. And so I opted to go this year instead, prepared for my first major award loss.

Little did I realize then how incredible the trip would be!

click for my full San Diego Comic-Con 2009 report

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Attention FMyLife.com fans — their user submitted anecdotes are now being illustrated by an artist every Saturday, and I had the honour of being chosen to be the third featured artist! You can read their short blog entry about me, or skip straight to my illustration.

If you’ve never been to the site before, make sure to have a look; it’s a good way to kill some time.

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okay, so

The sci-fi mystery manga “20th Century Boys” (and its final chapter, “21st Century Boys“) by Naoki Urasawa (famous for doing “Monster”) is pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever read. And you can read it all online through those links! Expect fanart from me for this series eventually.

If you like Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” (the first 50 chapters reminded me of this classic American comic a lot) or Stephen King’s “The Stand” (haven’t read this, but I’ve heard it’s similar), you’ll like it.

The live action movie is coming out this August and I can’t wait. At last, something I can look forward to before the “Watchmen” live action movie!

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Hope you’re all having a great yuletide week!

Today, I acquired the second volume of Jump SQ magazine, where my hero Fujisaki Ryuu’s newest series “Shiki” premiered. Here are some scans I made:

Thumbnail links under the cut

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debut work

Simpsons Comics issue #131 is out today!

Out a week earlier than that website had said… not that I’m complaining! It looks so cool. The inker and toner did a fantastic job! Everything matched up perfectly with my pencilled lines. I’m very happy with it. So go to your local comic book store, 7-11, any place with large magazine rack, to see my very first published comic pages!

Also, the English version of Houshin Engi volume one is out! As I’ve said a dozen times in the past, it’s my favourite manga series ever and my biggest influence. I picked up a copy, and the translations are well done. I command you to buy it! Though I will admit, the story doesn’t really pick up until the 4th volume.

ETA: Despite owning the entire series AND the special edition release of the series… I will most likely collect the English version as well, if I have money to burn. So I’ll end up owning three different versions of the same comic. Because I’m an obsessed fan.

ETA2: I’m terribly behind on answering my e-mails.

ETA3: There’s a preview page of my comic here.

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