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After 8 years on LiveJournal, I made the move to WordPress. People who still want to follow me on LJ can do so by friending spacecoyote_rss.

A couple of new art pieces: first is a series of banner pics done for Court Records. Second is the high res upload of the cover art for Zuko’s Story.

An update from PatchTogether about the coyote toy: after much delay, they should be shipped out in a week or two.


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crazy July

I can’t believe I went on a week long trip, moved to a new place, started and finished the second chapter of my comic, and pencilled four pages for Simpsons Comics, all in a single month.

Some misc art I did this week:
*Crazy style Asuka and Rei
*Feight, for a girl dressed as Feight I ran into at AX (even her conbadge name was “Feight”!). I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to draw anything for her there, so I got her address.
*We are completely opposite deviantART twins

P.S. I made this icon for my friend who requested it — feel free to use it

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pixel albums

pixel albums is something I made over six months ago, but found no place on my site for. I made these for no real reason.

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art art art

I pretty much never post art in this journal, but I don’t update my site as often as I should anyway, so it’s time for an art dump!

On Monday, to pull myself out of financial woes, I took on some commissions from friends. Nothing too elaborate. It was fun, because I haven’t done this much art for friends in a long time. I then did a quick marker doodle for everyone who commissioned me, as thanks for helping me out!

So here’s all the art I did over the course of three days (warning, some pics are big):

commissioned pictures

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some updates

* Updated press section with Imagine FX article.
* Gallery updated with 1 new original, 4 new commissioned, 2 new fanart.

quick links to all new pieces

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art for myself

Here’s that “art for myself” I mentioned I was going to do. It’s an updated version of one of my old pieces. I like how it came out, so have a look!


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HUGE site update

I haven’t updated the site in nearly a month, so there’s a bunch of new pics!

* Gallery updated with 4 new commissioned, 3 new fan art, 2 new tattoos.
* Resume updated with scans of magazine and newspaper appearances under “awards & recognitions.”
* Some one got one of my tattoo designs inked on him. Check it out at the bottom of this page!

Lazy links to all new pics:


Custom tattoos

Fan art

New donation sketch coming soon after I rest my wrist for the weekend. Though I haven’t done art for myself in a while… so maybe I’ll do that. Work and play are both important to one’s health!

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