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sucked in by tumblr

This wordpress has been severely neglected for months, and for that I apologize. It’s much faster and easier to post updates on tumblr, so I’ve been using mostly that.


Not sure if I’ll continue this blog, but it will definitely stay.

That said, I have three appearances in October 2012. They are:

  • Oct. 6: Kamloops Mini Comic-Con, Kamloops Library
  • Oct 18: Vancouver International Writers’ Festival, 10 AM, “Words and Images”
  • Oct 20: Bellingham Comic-Con

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quick art update


Texture/pattern portrait of Clint Eastwood as the Man With no Name.



“Octoblob” — Experimenting with paints and ink… Threw on some color then tried to make them into organic-looking shapes. Looks like an octopus made of mammalian organs.


“Skull Island” — same method but tried making it into a mythical creature of some sort.


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100% of proceeds go to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund

$25 gets you one smiling ink headshot of your original character (or other character of your choice) on approximately 4 x 6″ lightweight cardstock paper. The original will be mailed to you once I’ve finished all the commissions. Comes with a postcard-sized print of my Calvin & Hobbes tribute “Best Friends” that I give out at conventions.

Once you’ve made this purchase, I’ll e-mail you requesting reference pictures or descriptions. Will ship anywhere.

Inspired by Takehiko Inoue’s “Smile” drawings on Twitter.

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In June 1998 I was in grade 8, 13 years old, and so obsessed with “The Simpsons” that I constantly tried to make school assignments related to the show somehow. By that age I had done Simpsons Plastercine art, an oral presentation on the educational aspects of the series — in French, among other small projects.

In grade 8 English class, there was a big end-of-year assignment where we could choose from a number of options on what to do. One of the options was to create our own magazine, and being super into magazines at the time, there was no way I couldn’t do it.

And so with the power of information provided by snpp.com, WordPerfect 3.1, photos cut out of People Magazine and drawings carefully copied from official Simpsons merchandise, my tween mind and my tween hands lovingly crafted: Simpsons Illustrated!


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Free preview of “The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story” available in the Del Rey Sampler tomorrow!

An inside source says it will be six pages long. Don’t miss out on the opportunity — go to your local comic store and pick up a copy.

This is the second time my work has been featured in a FCBD sampler. The first time was for Bongo Comic’s sampler back in 2008, which included my debut work “Too Crazy Juvenile Prankster: Bartomu!”.

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The cover I did for The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story is up.

Amazon.com listing

I’d like to talk a little about my own process for illustrating the comic.

Because film environment shots were limited and the prequel covers many locations seen in the cartoon but not the movie (as of yet), many of the environment and clothing designs were based on the cartoon. Big kudos to piandao.org and their many screenshots of the Airbender cartoon. Asides from the film pictures I was provided with by Paramount, that site and the book The Lost Scrolls: Fire were my biggest source of reference. With their help, I was able to get some of the smallest details down, from commoner outfits to forts to how Zuko’s ship room is laid out. One of the writers, Alison, was also a great help and even went to the library in search of any photos I could use as reference.

For the action scenes, I researched some of the martial arts firebending was based on: namely Northern Shaolin and Xingyiquan. I looked up numerous pictures and demonstration videos online to ensure the firebenders had proper form. I also researched dao swords and had to do a whole lot of slow-moing of videos.

I was disappointed in how Zuko’s trademark scar was toned down for the movie, so I exaggerated it for the comic (which makes sense in the context of the story anyway since he’s been freshly scarred). One thing I like about movie!Zuko’s scar is how it goes into his hair, but again, it’s kind of subtle so I emphasized that. For the cover, I was pretty much free to do whatever I want; no direction was given. I made sure to feature Zuko’s scar and make it one of the first things you notice, as it’s a crucial part of his character.

Dave yaytime, Alison aliwilgus and I are confident that fans of the show will enjoy the comic. Since the story takes place before the film and the series, we had a lot of room for creativity and were able to stick closely to series canon. Please support our work!

ETA: Oh, and don’t forget — there will be a free preview of Zuko’s Story in Del Rey’s Free Comic Book Day sampler so go to your local comic shop on May 1st and get a copy!

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art updates

Whoo okay, lots of new art since my last post here.

First off, it’s what you’ve always dreamed of: Final Fantasy 6 meets The Simpsons.

Then I filled out this end-of-year art improvement meme.

Posted some Airbender sketches I had sent to Paramount:

Did a couple of Samus pieces in support of The Speed Gamers 72 hour Metroid marathon. They raised over 11k for autism!

And in the past couple of days I worked on some original digital paintings because I felt I needed to do more illustrations.

That’s all!

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