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Yokaiden 2 spotlighted at Ain’t It Cool News Anime! I wanted to make special mention of this because Scott Green’s manga reviews are unlike any other’s. He does a nice and thorough analytical look — an almost academic approach. See his Yokaiden 1 review too, if you haven’t yet.

This holiday, let’s buy less crud and give to charity. The Speed Gamers Pokemon Marathon for Charity is coming up in 10 days. Take a look at Obligatory Ice Level Day, a winter holiday for gamers created and run by one of my longtime friends. I can’t mention charity and gaming without bringing up Child’s Play, something the gaming community should be very familiar with by now.


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Yokaiden 2 out


It has three reviews so far and they’re all positive!

The first review is by Brigid Alverson at MangaBlog. Spoiler haters beware — it gives away much of the plot from beginning to end.

The second review is by Michael C. Lorah at Newsarama, who’s never read the first volume.

The third review is by Leroy Douresseaux at Comic Book Bin. It’s the first rated review; the book received an A-. (He gave Yokaiden 1 a B+ last year.)

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wish-it-were-spring cleaning

I finally did a major clean-up of my site, and I feel much better. I wanted my site to be a porfolio site rather than an archive of everything and anything I’ve drawn, so in order to best reflect my work and skill level, I took half my pictures off the site. It was tough deciding which pictures to keep and which to toss. I removed many pictures I still personally like, because they weren’t representative of my work anymore.

The changes:
* Changed the front page design to make it less cluttered.
* Wallpapered the site with damask. Because I love damask.
* Gallery pruned and shrunk so that originals, fanart, and commissioned work are all on the same page. Tattoo flash is still on a separate page.
* Comics section redesigned to give my published work priority. Saturnalia is so old now that I’ve tucked it in the bottom.
* “Buy” page redone with info on purchasing Yokaiden. Still under construction.
* Got rid of the links section.

Looking at the site made me realize I need to do more original standalone illustrations.

Hey, someone made a Wikipedia article on Yokaiden! I think it’s very well-written so far. Speaking of the book, it recently received a couple of very flattering reviews at Book Fetish and Animanga Nation, so those have been added to the Yokaiden page.

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last entry of 2008

I’ve decided to stop linking to every Yokaiden review (you can keep track of most of them at the main site anyway) but Ain’t It Cool News wrote a very interesting one! It’s so unique, I had to mention it here. And as the last praise of 2008, the book made Bookgasm’s best of 2008 list as one of the best comics.

Onwards to 2009!

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more reviews ahoy

Another review of Yokaiden up at Comic Book Bin, by Leroy Douresseaux. And over at Manga Recon, Erin Finnegan picked Yokaiden as the Best OEL/World Manga of 2008!

I finished Yokaiden 1 well over a year ago, and I’m glad to be receiving feedback on this comic at last. As for Yokaiden 2, the comic part is finished; I’m currently working on the extra material. There’s not as much room for extras this time because there are 8 chapters instead of 7 like in the first book.

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First of all, a new Yokaiden review! Deb Aoki at About.com blogged about it on top of writing a review for it and giving it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Child's Play Charity
Second: I donated to Child’s Play this month. Have you done so yet? Check out The Speed Gamers Pokemon marathon as well and donate. They’re going to catch every Pokemon ever in 72 hours then auction off the file with the completed Pokedex.

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Yokaiden.com is now up

Not much there for now; mostly review excerpts.

Here are a couple of more reviews: One at Mania.com, and another at Advanced Media Network Anime, where the reviewer says it “may be the best OEL manga I’ve read thus far”.

Maiji made a Yokaiden tag at Tegaki E (and drew a lovely picture of Hamachi), to let you tegakiers know.

The Nikkei Voice article on me is up at the press section.

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