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I’ve been interviewed at the Bongo Comics website! It’s short, sweet, and seven questions long. Read it here.

The portrait of me was done by yours truly. Can you recognize the two references made?


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I’m a featured guest at the September 13th Vancouver Comicon! 11 AM to 5 PM at Heritage Hall; admission is no more than 4 bucks. This is my first time ever having a table at a convention. If you’re a local Vancouverite, do drop by.

Updates for today:
* Put up an interview I did for Melonz Magazine in the press section.
* Tweaked the site design a bit; updated the gallery and rewrote my profile.
* Patch Together toy design – 114 votes. Cast your vote!
* AIDS Walk – $325 raised for AIDS research; hasn’t moved since last time. Donate here!

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One, the interview I did with Deb Aoki for the manga section at About.com is up:
Interview: Nina Matsumoto

Two, I know some public libraries carry Yokaiden which is great, but my local library doesn’t. I was wondering if anyone living in Vancouver could suggest it at the VPL website:
I would do it myself, but they require a library card number and I don’t have one.

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deviantART interview

It’s International Women’s Week! I did an interview with deviantART to help celebrate, ’cause I’m a woman. My mother is a woman, so I’m at least half-woman. Both my grandmothers were women so I come from a long line of women. Proud to be a Woman-Canadian!

IWW Interview with spacecoyote

And as the article says, there’s going to be a contest at dA wherein the winner will received a signed copy of Yokaiden, along with some original artwork. Stay tuned!

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The Escapist

I did an interview for the Escapist about “The Art of Fandom,” wherein fanart and creators’ rights are discussed. It’s a nice piece, and thanks to my claim to fame, I’m a big focus in it. Read the article here!

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* My interview with Ricepaper is up on the press page. This article has less to do with my 15 seconds of fame, and more to do with my comics. I also believe it’s the first time my non-Simpsons/Futurama art has been published.

I’m going to put the raffle sketches on hiatus, but the tip jar will remain open, because I still need any help I can get. I should change the shoddy drawing on that page…

Much thanks to Nils P. J. Erin C., Dee H., A. K. Simpson, Robert S., and Caroline B. for donating for the months of April and May. The winner of the April Fools comic page is Erin C.! Congrats!

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some updates

* Updated press section with Imagine FX article.
* Gallery updated with 1 new original, 4 new commissioned, 2 new fanart.

quick links to all new pieces

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