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$1,300 raised for Japan

Thanks to all the people who commissioned me, I’ve raised $1,300 for Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund! I’ve donated the money and I’m getting an official confirmation in two weeks.

I will re-open commissions soon, this time for MSF/Doctors Without Borders.

Because I received far more commissions than I had estimated, I’m selling this original Yokaiden piece used in volume 1 to make up for mailing costs and the percentage Paypal takes away.

Local Vancouver online magazine Guttersnipe interviewed me about my project.


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in the news

I was recently phoned interviewed for a couple of articles. Here are the resulting articles:

A procession of countless demons: A Daily Yomiuri Shinbun (an English-language newspaper in Japan) article about yokai in popular media. Some talk of Yokaiden in there and quotations from me. This was published on newsprint, too, and the writer was kind enough to send me some copies. It features the Yokaiden 2 cover and I’ll make scans soon for my press section.

The Deviant Experience: An Entrepeneur Magazine article about deviantART. An interesting read! I was quoted in this one, too.

I did 4 pictures for UDON’s Mega Man Tribute Book because I couldn’t decide on one subject or style. Hoping I get in, since I missed the deadlines for their past tribute books (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers)!

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I’m in Issue 6 of Digital Artist Magazine, in the main article about manga art. There are some quotes, anecdotes and tips by me, accompanied by some of my art.

I went to Toronto for a week and signed some books there. For you Torontonians (Torontites?): Chapters @ Spadina holds signed copies of Yokaiden 1 & 2; The Silver Snail on Queens holds signed copies of The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story.

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The Escapist

I did an interview for the Escapist about “The Art of Fandom,” wherein fanart and creators’ rights are discussed. It’s a nice piece, and thanks to my claim to fame, I’m a big focus in it. Read the article here!

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Yokaiden.com is now up

Not much there for now; mostly review excerpts.

Here are a couple of more reviews: One at Mania.com, and another at Advanced Media Network Anime, where the reviewer says it “may be the best OEL manga I’ve read thus far”.

Maiji made a Yokaiden tag at Tegaki E (and drew a lovely picture of Hamachi), to let you tegakiers know.

The Nikkei Voice article on me is up at the press section.

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* New in the press section is an article about me found in the latest issue of Comics Foundry. There’s the usual summary on my overnight success, plus a little about Yokaiden. Note: when I did the phone interview for this article, I was running on only 3 hours of sleep and was a bit out of it…

The comics section on my site now has a list of all the work I’ve done for Bongo. I’ve also updated my resume accordingly. I will be giving the gallery section a well-needed overhaul soon.

An update on the Hot Topic art theft issue — their legal department contacted me to apologize for the stolen artwork and have told me the product has been discontinued. The Kaizoku piece won’t be used on anything else. No monetary compensation, but ah well. At least the matter was resolved without a fuss.

I’m wrapping up book two of Yokaiden this month. The release of book one is less than a month away. Have you pre-ordered?

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