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Pacing a story for an OEL manga is something I’ve wanted to talk about but never got a chance to — it’s never come up in interviews — but it’s something I’ve been struggling with and have many thoughts on.

lots of rambling with mild Yokaiden spoilers


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…and how they’ve influenced me.

BIG but beautiful images

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* New in the press section is an article about me found in the latest issue of Comics Foundry. There’s the usual summary on my overnight success, plus a little about Yokaiden. Note: when I did the phone interview for this article, I was running on only 3 hours of sleep and was a bit out of it…

The comics section on my site now has a list of all the work I’ve done for Bongo. I’ve also updated my resume accordingly. I will be giving the gallery section a well-needed overhaul soon.

An update on the Hot Topic art theft issue — their legal department contacted me to apologize for the stolen artwork and have told me the product has been discontinued. The Kaizoku piece won’t be used on anything else. No monetary compensation, but ah well. At least the matter was resolved without a fuss.

I’m wrapping up book two of Yokaiden this month. The release of book one is less than a month away. Have you pre-ordered?

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Haven’t heard back from Hot Topic, but my story made it on The Consumerist.

Out of discretion, I won’t say too much about the matter until there’s a real update… But I’ll talk about the ripped piece a little.

Before my 15 minutes of e-fame that jump started my professional art career, I started a tattoo flash section on my site where I uploaded my original designs catering to the geek culture. The Kaizoku piece was done on December 2006, as stated on the site (screenshot: proof on my computer). It was never meant for any sort of profit.

When I gained a lot of attention from the Simpsonzu drawing, Scott from Portland came across my site and saw the Kaizoku flash. He contacted me on January 2007, asking for my permission to get it tattooed on him. On January 20th, he got it done (screenshot: proof in Scott’s photobucket account). In gratitude, I mailed him the original piece.

Flash forward to three days ago, when Scott was doing some Halloween shopping at Hot Topic and saw the rip. He snapped a couple of photos and alerted me about it. Funny how the one who discovered the rip was the guy who’s living proof I’m the original artist for that piece!

The Kaizoku piece is pretty easy to find on Google. Just do an Image Search for “pirate girl“, and there it is on the first page of results. I’m guessing whoever took the piece found it that way. If someone found it on another site, it’s very easy to find the original artist; image searching “kaizoku tattoo” (or even just “kaizoku“) takes you to my site.

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retail art theft

So my art was stolen by Hot Topic! I’ll just leave this link here:


Things are already being done about it so no worries.

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rambling: the return

One of my favourite movies is Spellbound, a documentary that follows eight kids competing in the 72nd National Spelling Bee. The most interesting part of the documentary is how they show all the kids’ hometowns and families. It reminds me how people can live in the same country and speak the same language, yet have such different personalities, views and values, which were shaped by the environment they grew up in and their upbringing.

I have friends from all around the US (Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Minnesota, etc.), and I’ve never thought about how if I could see where they all live and what their offline lives are like, I’d likely be amazed by the differences. It’s something I don’t think about whenever I go online, but it’s probably for the best if I did, and if other people did as well. There would probably be less online conflict. For example, my friend who lives in the south once accidentally angered someone online by calling them “hon,” because while that’s considered polite where she’s from, it can be considered condescending in other regions. Putting that thought asides, the Internet is so cool because people with completely different backgrounds and interests can become friends with each other, and that’s harder to do in real life.

Long story short, I’m going to attend AWA-Con later this month to see some of my South Eastern US friends. I have been to Atlanta before, but not AWA.

ETA: I was a very good speller in elementary school and always aced spelling tests and placed first or second in class spelling bees, but when I started learning French, my brain cells collapsed. If you look at my writing from grade 6 or 7, you’ll see words like “dansed” and “parck” because I kept mixing up English and French spellings.

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it’s 2007

Couldn’t get any Saturnalia pages done (they’re coming soon), but here’s a HUGE art update to ring in the new year.

* 2 new originals, 2 new Saturnalia pieces in the original section.
* 3 new commissioned pieces.
* 2 new gift art.
* Brand new section: tattoo flash! 16 pieces to look at. If you like tattoos and/or nerdy things, have a look.

I will resume work on Monday, January 8th.

2006 cons: It was my least productive year in terms of art. I was always either too busy or too tired. My 2006 art folder barely has anything in it compared to folders of past years. Diagnosed with mild tendonitis in right wrist.

2006 pros: I started updating Saturnalia again. Mid-November, I decided to take a stab at full-time commission work. Still testing the waters, but going good so far. Getting better at using Copic Markers. Literally more than half of my 2006 art folder is stuff I did in November and December.

2007 resolution: Make a proper portfolio while I still can.

Isn’t it good to see me producing so much art again? If you say “yes,” and want me to be able to keep this up, there’s three ways you can help: 1) Commission me! 2) Refer me to your friends if they’re looking for custom art for any occasion or purpose! 3) Tip me to show support and appreciation!

Okay it’s 7:33 AM and I’m going to sleep. I’ll do the sketch raffle draw later.

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