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I’ve been interviewed at the Bongo Comics website! It’s short, sweet, and seven questions long. Read it here.

The portrait of me was done by yours truly. Can you recognize the two references made?


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This is a photoshoot of various Olympic-level athletes by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein titled “The Athlete”. Like many others I tend to fall into the trap of drawing the same body type over and over for athletic characters. This photoshoot serves as awesome reference reminding us artists that strong bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and muscles show up in different ways. It also helps us keep in mind that not everyone who is fit is also lean. There’s often a layer of fat over the muscles, making them less visible for some. I wanted to share this in a convenient way so here it is:

8.28.2012 edit: Removed due to copyright.

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Do-Re-Mi no Uta

With all this buzz about the “Sound of Music” cast reunion on Oprah, I’ve had the Do-Re-Mi song stuck in my head. Then I had the Japanese version — which amuses me with its difference — that I learned when younger stuck in my head, and I couldn’t remember the 2nd verse so I looked it up. I then discovered there isn’t an English translation of it anywhere (either that, or my Google-fu is weak)! Time to fix that!

Do-Re-Mi no Uta
1st verse:

RE wa remon no RE
MI wa minna no MI
SO wa aoi sora
RA wa rappa no RA
SHI wa shiawase yo
Saa utaimashou
Ran ran ran

2nd verse:
DOnna toki ni mo
REtsu wo kunde
MInna tanoshiku
FAITO wo motte
SOra wo aoide
RAn rararararara
SHIawase no uta
Saa utaimashou

Song of Do-Re-Mi
1st verse:

DO is DO for doonatsu (donuts)
RE is RE for remon (lemon)
MI is MI for minna (everybody)
FA is FA for faito (fight, as in strength)
SO is the blue sora (sky)
RA is RA for rappa (trumpet)
SHI is shiawase (happiness)
Now let’s sing
La la la

2nd verse:
No matter what time
Let’s line up
Everyone have fun
Have strength
Look up at the sky
La lalalalalala
Song of happiness
Now let’s sing

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My John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes” picture has been published in an academic text as an example of positive “cultural contamination”. It’s in page 22 of The Pleasures of Contamination by university professor David Greetham.

Thanks to David for the honour! Incidentally, this picture is my best selling print on deviantART to date.

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state of the space

I’m doing more work for Bongo Comics (congrats to them on finally launching their website)! A story I penciled will be in the Winter Wingding #5 issue of Simpsons Comics coming out in a few months, and I’m working on another one right now. There may also be more Simpsons manga in the future, so stay tuned.

Other than that, I’m busy with personal projects (like improving my art, among other things), computer problems, and raising a shiba inu. Haven’t had many chances to do artwork I can upload here, but I’m going through illustration withdrawl so maybe I’ll do something.

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I’m in Issue 6 of Digital Artist Magazine, in the main article about manga art. There are some quotes, anecdotes and tips by me, accompanied by some of my art.

I went to Toronto for a week and signed some books there. For you Torontonians (Torontites?): Chapters @ Spadina holds signed copies of Yokaiden 1 & 2; The Silver Snail on Queens holds signed copies of The Last Airbender Prequel: Zuko’s Story.

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I repeat the subject line: Zuko’s Story comes out tomorrow! If you’re dying with anticipation, this should tide you over: Dave Roman, the co-writer, was interviewed by MTV’s Splash Page to clear up some fan questions about the book.

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