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My usual constant browsing of the Artist’s Alley was a bust this year at Anime Expo, because of where it was placed — in the convention center hallway, where hundreds of people pass by. It was overwhelming crowded all the time, so I only had a good look at it about twice. The trip itself was fun, though; I got to hang out with both my online and real life friends. I had dinner with all of them at one point. How often does once get a chance to do something like that?

After returning from the trip, I immediately prepared for my move. We’re now about 95% moved in to the new place, and next month, I have to help my upcoming second roommate move in here. I’m exhausted, and finding it hard to motivate myself into starting the 2nd chapter of Youkaiden. There are also 4 pages of a Milhouse story for Simpsons Comics I have to pencil this month. Gah, someone slow down the time.

All this promotional Simpsons stuff at 7-11 is cool. I’ve had Buzz Cola, Squishees, and the Simpsons Donut. I’m slowly collecting the special plastic Squishee cups. I have yet to find a box of Krusty-O’s. There is a 7-11 in Coquitlam that’s been turned into a Kwik-E-Mart that I should go to at least once before it all ends.


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vacation time

Off to Long Beach for Anime Expo!

I might go to the deviantART meet on Sunday, 5:00 PM, outside the Artist’s Alley. And, of course, I’ll be browsing the Artist’s Alley itself several times throughout the con.

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grouse grind

I just completed the Grouse Grind, a local challenging mountain trail. It was my first time and had no idea it’s basically like going up an extremely steep 2.9km long staircase, so it was quite grueling, but I managed to finish it in an hour and 45 minutes. Would’ve been nicer without the pouring rain and hail halfway through.

I should’ve listened to Martin when he said, “Here’s a tip: put a pinch of sage in your boots, and all day long, a spicy scent is your reward.”

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Bad news: Due to new ownership, I have to move out of here sometime within the next two months.
Good news: Today, I received the contract from Del Rey, so I can officially be signed on to the book deal for Yokaiden! I spent all of May working on the script. Right now, I’m re-writing parts of it.
Also good news: I found a five dollar bill in my pocket!

Saturnalia reader Toast did a Feight cosplay at Anime North this weekend. Thank you, Toast, for being both a dedicated fan and a delicious food item!
Feight has been cosplayed before at Ushi-Con, by someone whose name I forget. I can’t remember if I’ve posted this picture before or not, so I’m doing it again!

Anybody else want to cosplay a character from a dead webcomic? Which reminds me, Anime Expo is coming up awfully fast.

I was considering spilling a whole bunch of SATURNALIA SECRETS, but I think I should hold on to them, just in case I ever decide to restart it for publishing purposes. Hey, it could happen!

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run run run

Just found out my result for the Vancouver Sun Run (10km, or 6.21 miles) I participated in yesterday! Comparing it to my results over the years:

[2005] Did some training. Tried to get under an hour. Ran most of the way; walked for about 5 minutes. result: 1:06:37

[2006] Trained, though not as much. Tried to get under an hour. Ran the entire way, not stopping once. result: 1:08:07

[2007] Didn’t train at all. Barely even exercised. Had no goals. Stopped to walk a few times. Ran for about 90% of the run. result: 1:13:15

I ran the whole way in ’06, but I didn’t do as well as ’05, and the result wasn’t all that different from this year. I did much better than I expected this year — I thought I would be extremely out of shape, but I was still able to run through most of it, and despite stopping a few times, I got under 1:15. So what does this mean? I guess there ARE benefits to slowing down once in a while during a long distance run. I think I will remember this next year and try to get under an hour again. Though it was nice not aiming for anything this year. Made the run a little more relaxing.

I swear if only I were taller, I’d be able to cut 10 minutes off my results. Curse my 5’1″ stature.

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