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100 Smiles for Japan

My “Smiles for Japan” charity commission project was a big success! I raised $2,500 in total. $1,300 went to Japan Society, and $1,200 went to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

The result can be seen in this giant collage! It’s neat seeing them all together, eh?

List of donors found in the above link.

Donation proof: Japan Society receipt, MSF receipt


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Due to overwhelming support and having raised $1300 for relief efforts, I’ve re-opened commissions.


100% of proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), a non-profit humanitarian aid organization known for providing medical care to developing countries. Currently they are helping the earthquake and tsunami survivors, especially those suffering from hypothermia, respiratory tract infections, and the elderly who have lost their medicine. They’re also rounding up basic needs such as blankets, food and fresh water. They’re a great group and 85% of their funding comes from donations, so donating to them no matter what the reason is a good idea.

I’ve finished 36 out of 52 commissioned portraits so far, and they’re being mailed out today. Those of you who haven’t sent me info on what they’d like drawn yet, please do.

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$1,300 raised for Japan

Thanks to all the people who commissioned me, I’ve raised $1,300 for Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund! I’ve donated the money and I’m getting an official confirmation in two weeks.

I will re-open commissions soon, this time for MSF/Doctors Without Borders.

Because I received far more commissions than I had estimated, I’m selling this original Yokaiden piece used in volume 1 to make up for mailing costs and the percentage Paypal takes away.

Local Vancouver online magazine Guttersnipe interviewed me about my project.

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100% of proceeds go to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund

$25 gets you one smiling ink headshot of your original character (or other character of your choice) on approximately 4 x 6″ lightweight cardstock paper. The original will be mailed to you once I’ve finished all the commissions. Comes with a postcard-sized print of my Calvin & Hobbes tribute “Best Friends” that I give out at conventions.

Once you’ve made this purchase, I’ll e-mail you requesting reference pictures or descriptions. Will ship anywhere.

Inspired by Takehiko Inoue’s “Smile” drawings on Twitter.

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UAEM T-shirt

Last month I did pro bono work for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a non-profit organization run by med students who help make essential medicines more accessible for third world countries. They had the concept and layout roughed out for their new T-shirts but needed an artist to execute it so I stepped in.

Buy a T-shirt to support their efforts

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art updates

Whoo okay, lots of new art since my last post here.

First off, it’s what you’ve always dreamed of: Final Fantasy 6 meets The Simpsons.

Then I filled out this end-of-year art improvement meme.

Posted some Airbender sketches I had sent to Paramount:

Did a couple of Samus pieces in support of The Speed Gamers 72 hour Metroid marathon. They raised over 11k for autism!

And in the past couple of days I worked on some original digital paintings because I felt I needed to do more illustrations.

That’s all!

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Yokaiden 2 spotlighted at Ain’t It Cool News Anime! I wanted to make special mention of this because Scott Green’s manga reviews are unlike any other’s. He does a nice and thorough analytical look — an almost academic approach. See his Yokaiden 1 review too, if you haven’t yet.

This holiday, let’s buy less crud and give to charity. The Speed Gamers Pokemon Marathon for Charity is coming up in 10 days. Take a look at Obligatory Ice Level Day, a winter holiday for gamers created and run by one of my longtime friends. I can’t mention charity and gaming without bringing up Child’s Play, something the gaming community should be very familiar with by now.

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