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While putting Yokaiden 1 together, I was asked by my editor Dallas if I’d like to include character designs and other concept sketches in the back. I declined, because that would mean having less room for actual content. Now that both books are out, I’m posting these never before seen character sketches I’m required to show before I begin drawing any comic pages.

Lots of artwork and commentary within. There are also BIG SPOILERS so do not read if you haven’t read the books!


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I’ve realized now that Yokaiden is out, I can stop being so secretive and start showing some behind-the-scenes stuff. I just finished doing some concept sketches for the cover of volume 2. They’re far nicer than the sketches I did for volume 1.

When I do concept/layout sketches, they are 1) very small, and 2) very messy. The cover art sketches aren’t so bad, because the guys at Del Rey have to be able to understand them.

click for full view

I liked the first one better myself, but the second one was chosen. Looks like it was the right choice.

My thumbnail sketches for my comic pages (used to plan the panel layouts and where the figures and speech bubbles go), however, are atrociously messy and only I can understand them. Fortunately, I’m the only one who has to look at them. Each one is roughly 1.25 x 1.75 inch in size.

Thumbnail –> Final page:

Since I prefer to keep everything in my head, I’m bad at noting/scribbling things down onto paper. So when I have to do it, it’s extremely vague because I can figure out the rest myself. I look at the thumbnails and go, “Oh right, the speech bubble is here and the figure is posed like this here”, and that’s good enough for me.

Bonus unedited scans of my thumbnail sketches for chapters 2 and 3:
* chapter 2 roughs
* chapter 3 roughs
Have fun following along!

Next entry, I should show how rough my pencils are before I ink them. My pencils are NEVER tight. Well…except when I have to do pencils for Bongo.

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Okay, time to reveal what I’m doing for this Halloween’s The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror issue: I’m doing the artwork for a manga style Simpsons parody of Death Note.

Frightening preview panel

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While browsing the net a few days ago, I came across someone with the online name “Sethrik.”

This was what immediately came to mind:

Sing a Song of Nynepence

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