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Meat Bun, known for their stylish video game T-shirts, has just released their 20XX Line. I drew four of the designs! Three were commissioned by Meat Bun (Real Soviet Damage, Honda Onsen and Emperor of Muay Thai) and one was just something I drew for fun (Shao Khalvin) that got made into a T-shirt. Check them out!


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space toyotes are here!

My friends and I have received our coyotes and they look great! The photos don’t do them justice.

If you haven’t ordered one, you can still buy one at the Patch Together store. There are only 20 toyotes left, though, so hurry!

Crazy Coyote at Patch Together

space coyote
Photo courtesy of photographer and toyote customer Joe Coleman.

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UAEM T-shirt

Last month I did pro bono work for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a non-profit organization run by med students who help make essential medicines more accessible for third world countries. They had the concept and layout roughed out for their new T-shirts but needed an artist to execute it so I stepped in.

Buy a T-shirt to support their efforts

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After 8 years on LiveJournal, I made the move to WordPress. People who still want to follow me on LJ can do so by friending spacecoyote_rss.

A couple of new art pieces: first is a series of banner pics done for Court Records. Second is the high res upload of the cover art for Zuko’s Story.

An update from PatchTogether about the coyote toy: after much delay, they should be shipped out in a week or two.

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Patch Together has uploaded a much better photo of the resin crazy coyote figure. Take a look!

purchase link: http://www.patchtogether.com/store/store/view/id/163

Remember, these are very limited and they’ll only make however many are ordered; they won’t be available for purchase forever. Get your toyote before it’s gone!

I love the more detailed human figures PatchTogether makes (you can see in their portfolio) and am thinking of submitting a character from one of my works. A human character will be more expensive ($50+), but the result should be great. So I ask you:

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toyote finished

Hey guys, the painted prototype for the “crazy coyote” resin figure(re: “toyote”) is complete! Pictures can be found here, but I’ve asked PatchTogether to take a better photo of it from a different angle because the ones they chose are kinda unflattering.

The figure is still available for order and will be shipped out in January.

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The photos of the sculpt for the coyote figure are up now on the PatchTogether website!


With the release of these photos the special pre-order price is no longer available, so the figure is now $19.95. The completed painted figure should be up soon.

Some of my latest pieces:
* Zuko and Iroh inked
* Elly and John Patterson of For Better or For Worse
* Moe Moe — Moe (as in Simpsons) looking moe (as in the otaku term)

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